local sage

Hey there, I'm Katrina of Local Sage.

I created this blog because I love traveling and experiencing new things. If you couldn't already tell by the somewhat pompous name of my brand, I am a sagacious woman whose cultural knowledge absolutely must be shared with the world.

Just kidding! I don't pretend to know it all. Rather, I play the role of curiosity and wonder.

I am a storyteller. This isn't your average travel blog where you can expect to find a posh feed of perfectly curated photos and a quick list of restaurant recommendations. No no, Local Sage isn't just another all-frills travel blog.

I write to share meaningful experiences through my travel journals and photography, and show you how easy it really is to get out there and explore the world.

I also use this space to share books, podcasts, and documentaries that are meaningful to me and are shaping the way I see this intricate and beautiful world. I hope to inspire you to get out there and see the world- it's really a lot easier than you might think. 

So if you’re looking for a little more inspiration in your life, I’m your girl. I’m your local sage ;)