My Top 5 Travel Essentials

Here are two things you should know about me: 

1. I hate clutter. I probably end up giving away or tossing 90% of whatever I own. I do not own useless things.  

2. I love amenities. I like things that make life a little more luxurious. You know, things like kitchen gadgets and beauty products and things that smell good. I believe you should fill your life with things that are fabulous

So you better believe that this list of FIVE unique items I cannot travel with is gold. It’s a list of the absolutely essential and the indulgently convenient. You’re welcome!

1. Deep Relief essential oil roller. This is my lifesaver! My back, shoulders, and neck feel so strained after trying to sleep on a train or waiting around in an airport for hours. And don't even get me started on wearing a heavy backpack! Or even a backpack of reasonable weight honestly haha.  I roll this essential oil on my aching parts to soothe them and it relieves discomfort instantly, I guarantee it. 

2. This little device is THE BEST when you’re traveling with a partner. My husband and I like to watch shows together on the plane and in the airport, and this headphone splitter let’s us each wear our noise cancelling headphones. Sharing headphones on a plane is simply not an option because it’s too loud to hear anything from a single ear. This cheap little device is an essential for us on the go! We also like to use it when we do audio-guided tours, which we usually download on our phones. That way we can experience everything together without carefully walking in synchronization to avoid an ear piece falling out! It's the little things.

3. The Four Port USB Adaptor That Works In Over 150 Countries. This has a funny story behind it! My husband Giuseppe used to work for Tumi and he used some credit he earned to get a fancy travel adaptor for our trip. I made fun of him because of the way he spoke about it, like it was sacred or something haha. He would always refer to it by its complete title, even in running speech. For example,  "I need you to plug my Apple watch in to the Four Port USB Adaptor That Works In Over 150 Countries." He always added that last part about the number of countries, which is funny because there are only like four or five kinds of electric outlets in the world, so naming off the number of countries one could use the adaptor in is total overkill. I kept making fun of him until I too saw the magic of the Four Port USB Adaptor That Works in Over 150 Countries. It's fabulous. We can charge both of our phones, an Apple watch, my kindle or his headphones, and one of our laptops at the same time! And it's never shorted out. It's nice to just have one brick to carry around for all of our electronics, instead of individual adaptors for each product. I linked a similar product I found on Amazon. This is the one we have, but it's pricey!

4. A tide-to-go pen. This is absolutely essential for me! I am a constantly spilling food, drinks, product, and who knows what else on my clothes. This little stain remover is the only reason I don't ruin all of my clothes when I'm out and about! 

5. These scented wipes. Nothing is worse than feeling stinky, sticky, or ugly! Haha. These take off my makeup without irritating my sensitive skin. Plus they smell amazing, which makes Day Three Hair and airport hopping feel a little more luxurious. You can use them on your body too of course! Stock up because these things are seriously the BEST!

And there you have it. I think we all deserve to feel lovely when we travel. Are there any other unique travel essentials I should know about? Drop them in the comments below :)