A Moment Apart

Back in April, I wanted to surprise my husband Giuseppe with concert tickets to his favorite band for his birthday: ODESZA. I looked up their concert schedule only to find they wouldn’t be coming to Salt Lake City, or anywhere near us. Sad.

BUT I saw they had a show in Marmande, France at the end of June… Which just so happens to correlate to our travel itinerary perfectly. What are the odds? I knew it was fate and I bought the tickets. Giuseppe was of course ecstatic about the surprise! 

As the date approached, I began imagining what the concert would be like. Then it dawned on me that Odesza is an electronic band and all of their music is produced on the computer. So, uh, what the hell were they going to do onstage? What had I just paid for? 

The concert was a part of GAROROCK, a huge three-day music festival with tons of artists, mostly French. Odesza played on Friday night at 1 am. We had a blast at the festival going on rides and munching on food truck snacks, and the night passed quickly.

Unfortunately, the preceding act was Marilyn Manson, a not-so-charming man who is, in my opinion, the epitome of Satan. We had to sit through his performance in order to weasel our way up to the front for Odesza.

It was a fascinating and horrid production. At one point he invited a group of fangirls to come up on stage with him. He draped himself above them on a tall podium and sang seductively while the girls below screamed and jumped and tried to grab his hands. Then he picked his nose and flicked his booger on them! Yet they continued to adore him. What a creep. Also, he looks just like Nicholas Cage which is kind of hilarious. It was worth enduring his performance though, because we ended up at the very front for Odesza! 

All of my worries of lame dancing to a prerecorded track were put to shame. The concert was SO GOOD. They opened up the show with the first track from their album, which is actually just an audio clip from the movie Another Earth (which I highly recommend!) It’s the story of the Russian cosmonaut, and during the clip they showed crisp footage of the Earth and the moon. Tension built as the music grew, and two men with trumpets came out to give life to the growing song. Fog filled the stage. Soon the two main band members came out and the crowd went wild at their smoky silhouettes. And then the beat burst, colored lights surged, and the music began as the band members danced emphatically while playing the trumpets and electric pianos. It was such a rush! Each song was visually unique with strobe lights in brilliant color palettes and artistic images on the screen. Paired to the music, everything wove together so perfectly and it was perhaps the most artistic thing I have ever witnessed. Giuseppe was dancing wildly next to me and I was so wonderstruck I didn’t even notice the suffocating cigarette smoke around me anymore. 

The entire concert was hypnotizing. If you’re interested in watching a short documentary on how they created the show, here is a link to it on youtube. I also posted some clips of the concert on my instagram stories at the end of the “France” highlight. But more importantly, if you ever get the chance to go to one of their concerts, GO! Odesza has completely changed my perspective on experiencing modern art. 


the wonderstruck local sage